Here at Custodis we specialise in matrimonial investigation.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of doubting your partner’s faithfulness let us put your mind at rest and find out the truth for you.  We know how to catch a cheater but this may not always be the outcome – in around 30% of our matrimonial cases the suspected partner is found not to be doing anything untoward but what our service offers is an answer to your questions and an end to your niggling doubts. In all cases of infidelity or suspected infidelity you need a private detective who will be sympathetic and understanding of your situation whilst offering you a solution to your problem.  This is what we do at Custodis Investigations.

matrimonial investigationOur investigators have been trained to the highest level, will have a minimum of a Level 3 qualification in Private Investigation and will have all the skills required to conduct work on your behalf discreetly & efficiently. There are many types of matrimonial investigation and infinite ways to catch a cheating spouse.  After a consultation with you we’ll discuss the best way of proceeding with the investigation to get the results you need while working within your budget constraints.  You may find that our vehicle tracking solutions are the most effective way for us to provide answers to your problems.  Our trackers are deployed discreetly onto the target vehicle and then remotely monitored from our control room in London as well as on our customised smart-phones.  Using this system we’ll be able to provide you with definitive answers as to where the subject vehicle has travelled to and many other details. If budget allows then this system coupled with a small surveillance team virtually guarantees swift results.

Our surveillance operatives have all completed the best possible training offered within the matrimonial investigation industry.  We’re fully equipped to undertake mobile surveillance as well as foot surveillance throughout the UK using the most up to date technology currently available. Our forensic department can also conduct DNA testing on items of clothing as well as in depth data recovery from iPhone’s, Blackberry’s and all other types of smart phones and PC’s.  Lie detector tests can also be conducted locally by our fully qualified polygraph professionals.

Whatever you need us for, we’re to help so call one of our friendly team today on 020 7078 7278 or contact us here.

I used Custodis Investigations to obtain the evidence I needed that my wife was cheating.  The report and pictures that were supplied were used to secure my divorce from my wife on the grounds of adultery.  I was very appreciative of their support during a difficult period in my life.”
Mr A Sims, Harrow.