Here at Custodis Investigations we have some of the most experienced bodyguards for hire anywhere in the UK.

Also know as Close Protection Officers our staff have all been trained to the highest standards and have all achieved their SIA Close Protection Licence.  We require a minimum of 3 years direct industry experience before we consider recruiting new bodyguards for hire but all of our current operatives have many more years of valuable protection history behind them.  You can rest assured that any bodyguard you hire from Custodis Investigations will be highly skilled, experienced and professional at all times.

bodyguards for hireOne of the common misconceptions about hiring a bodyguard is that you have to be rich and famous.  Whilst a large proportion of our work is protecting VIPs, celebrities and foreign dignitaries there is also a growing market for people wanting to make sure that their family stays safe from harm while on holiday or out shopping in London.  The rise in violent crime throughout the UK has meant that people don’t feel as safe as they used to while out in public but by hiring one of our bodyguards we can help alleviate this fear.

To hire a bodyguard it’s important to know exactly what you need which is why our bespoke service starts with a thorough assessment of your circumstances – every situation is unique so it’s important you get the best protection for your requirements.

There are many different reasons to hire a bodyguard, here are a just a few of our past assignments:

  • chauffeur/bodyguard service – it is not uncommon for lower risk public figures to require a driver/bodyguard rather than a full C.P team
  • pre visit counter surveillance & risk assessment including bug sweep, staff background check, counter-sniper measures & IED sweep
  • celebrity escort – this is likely to involve paparazzi protection either by avoidance, use of decoys or physical clearance of a route for the client
  • bodyguard team provided for high value cash transaction
  • 2 man close protection team provided for business trip in Lagos, one with local knowledge & connections
  • protection provided for recently divorced female and young children

Contact us today for a consultation and discussion of your requirements and we’ll start working on a solution for you right away.  You can complete our contact form or call us on 020 7078 7278 for more information.