At Custodis our comprehensive investigation service offers covert surveillance and counter surveillance solutions throughout the UK.

Surveillance takes many different forms so we understand how important it is that our operatives are able to adapt themselves to any given situation.  Every Custodis surveillance operative has gained a minimum of a Level 3 qualification in Private Investigation and will have the appropriate experience required for your specific needs.  We have both male & female investigators from many different ethnic backgrounds so they are able to blend in seamlessly to their environments enabling them to gather the best possible evidence for our clients.

covert surveillanceWe have a large client base ranging from corporate clients such as insurance companies, solicitors and local councils to private individuals and small, local businesses.  So whether you need covert surveillance for claims validation and litigation support or to gain evidence against a cheating partner we can help you obtain the information you need quickly and discreetly.

Our surveillance teams are supplied with the very latest in covert technology.  Far from being just gimmicks and gadgets our kit is fundamental to us being able to provide the top quality evidence you need for your case.  Our surveillance vehicles, like our operatives will blend in to their environment, be completely inconspicuous yet still contain the latest equipment.  Our high level of training makes it virtually guaranteed that we’ll avoid detection.

A thorough report is given to every client on completion of the assignment or at pre-agreed intervals during longer projects.  The report will contain minute details such as subject movements in observations logs.  All our evidence is prepared in a clear and concise way and is ready to use in a court of law if required.   We can provide you with a witness statement & signed affidavit and in certain cases our covert surveillance operatives will also appear in court as witnesses.

If you’re concerned that your home or business may have been put under surveillance or if you want to make sure you have countermeasures in place to ensure that it isn’t then our counter surveillance team can help with this.  Our bug sweeping devices and other sophisticated technology will discover any eavesdropping equipment or recording devices placed in your home or office.

We are fully registered with the ICO for Data Protection and are fully coherent with the RIPA act of 2000.  Call us today on 020 7078 7278 or use our contact form here