Close Protection London.
Our London Close Protection team are highly trained Executive Protection Officers with international experience.

For our client’s peace of mind, all of our close protection London officers are licensed with the Security Industry Authority. Our operatives have been trained to and exceed the highest standard achievable in the UK.  Our client list ranges from VVIP’s and music artists to diplomatic delegates.  We also offer a discreet close protection service in London which is ideal for high net worth individuals and witness protection programmes.

Close Protection LondonAt Custodis Investigations we offer a bespoke service, so our Close Protection London officers are hand picked based on our client’s exact needs. You can rest assured that you will receive a courteous, well trained & professional close protection team.  We can deploy our bodyguards worldwide at very short notice, both in hostile & professional environments.  If you require our Close Protection officers to drive your vehicles, this is not a problem. Our officers undertake regular CPD training in evasive driving techniques, ambush threats and convoy driving.

Your relationship with us starts with a thorough assessment of your needs so we can then then deploy a Close Protection London team based on your individual needs & budget. Our back office staff set regular intervals for reassessment agreed by both parties, so we can maintain an excellent working relationship.  Situations and circumstances can change quickly in London, so our Close Protection teams are always ready to adapt if necessary.

Our ultimate aim at Custodis Investigations is to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients. We want our clients to have the freedom they need to go about their business on a daily basis.  Our close protection London service is a custom made security solution, so we welcome your enquiry by email to info@custodisinvestigations. Alternatively just use our simple contact form or dial us direct in our London office, 020 7078 7278.