Here at Custodis our corporate investigations team are experts in the many complicated aspects of corporate fraud.

Whether you have an internal fraud issue with an employee involving theft of goods or an external fraud issue such as corporate identity theft you need the right corporate investigations company to solve your problem effectively & efficiently.

Our experienced corporate investigators have spent many years solving issues such industrial espionage & employee absenteeism but we’ve found that preventative work such as due diligence, competitor profiling and pre-employment checks are a much more cost effective way for our clients to operate.  At Custodis, our corporate investigations team would be happy to assist you on a consultation basis in order to minimise the risk you’re exposed to by your suppliers or employees before it’s too late!

Typically there are a few major signs that you have an issue with some type of employee fraud.


Here are our 10 signs your staff may be stealing from you:

  1. Change in work habits.
  2. Problems with payrlil, travel, and expenses.
  3. Suspicious / unknown cars parking near building/place of work.
  4. Missing items/products.
  5. Excessive absences/sick days.
  6. Pattern of friends or family showing up, or family and friends who insist they only go through employee’s service.
  7. Purposefully trying to work independently or unsupervised.
  8. Change in the employee’s behaviour.
  9. A pattern of cash shortages, especially in round amounts, may mean your employee is stealing directly from the drawer.
  10. An increase in damaged products or misplaced merchandise.

If you recognise one of these signs just contact our corporate investigations department so we can help you get the issue resolved in the most timely manner.  We know how hard it is running a business and how important it is that you have 100% trust in your employees so let us do the investigation work and enable you to concentrate on managing your business.

Call us today on 020 7078 7278 or use our corporate investigations contact form for more information.