If you’re looking for a private detective in the UK then you’ve come to the right place.

At Custodis Investigations we have a dedicated detective team that draw upon decades of experience to help you solve whatever problem you may have.  Whatever you need a private detective for our discreet team of investigators will provide a caring and understanding service helping you all the way from your first phone call to us right up to our final report & the conclusion of our investigation.

Whether you have suspicions that your partner may be cheating and you require a surveillance team to confirm this or you’re looking to trace a long lost relative we can help you.  We understand that your problem may be of a delicate nature and can sometimes be difficult to talk about so you can rest assured that our detectives will be sensitive to your requirements at all times and that all information you provide us (whether you choose to hire us or not) will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Our forensic team here at Custodis Investigations are used to handling a wide range of enquiries from our clients.  Our private detective UK department specialise in computer and smart phone forensics. This could include recovering previously lost/deleted data from a mobile phone or computer in order to confirm/allay fears about a potential cheating partner.  We can also provide vehicle tracking facilities giving you access to detailed reports of where the target vehicle has travelled to, how long it stopped there and how fast it was driven!

There are times when physical surveillance is essential, whether that be foot surveillance following a target to ascertain his or hers movements or full mobile surveillance using many different types of transport.  From helicopters to taking the bus our investigators will do whatever is necessary to cover the target at all times, guaranteeing you the results to put your mind at rest.

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